The best definition of Neoism is that it's a prefix ("neo-") and a suffix ("-ism") with absolutely nothing in the middle. Neoism does not exist except in the reactions it creates. According to the Neoists, the best product of Neoism therefore is Anti-Neoism.

All Neoists go under the multiple name Monty Cantsin. After various mutations, Neoism focused on developing an increasingly complex web of contradictory self-descriptions, a hermeneutic drift that leads every Neoist to re-interpret Neoism in any way s/he finds suitable. Neoist self-descriptions soon became an impassable maze. This explains why it is so difficult to approach Neoism whose only work has been the incessant mologoue about itself. To complicate things even further, Neoists nowadays refuse to reply to any questions or requests for information about Neoism.