Neoism is sobriety: I am limiting the number of activities I engage in until I reach a state of complete inactivity, re. only breathing, bleeding, spitting etc... This systematic approach allows me time to construct the next phase of my plan without simply killing me. A dead Cantsin is no Cantsin at all. Or perhaps: Neoism is a reversion to childhood - A you may know, children are effected in reverse manner by intoxicants, e.g. children are put to sleep by caffeine, driven wild by alcohol... for a Neoist to drink would increase his awareness, which is not at all our intention... I only drink rubbing alcohol, because it makes me blind... contrary to poplar belief it doesn't make one vomit... Neoists drink only to encourage the assimilation of bodily fluids into the outermost aesthetic protrusions of their bodily parts....that probably makes negative sense..